Haute Couture Makes Us “Green” With Envy

Haute Couture Makes Us “Green” With Envy

Whether scrolling on Instagram or browsing your weekly fashion newsletter, Gucci and their success is a hard headline to miss. Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele they dress and represent some of the biggest celebrities such as Harry Styles, Dakota Johnson, Billie Eilish, and Jessica Chastain and have paved the way for fashion trends with their classic seasonal collections. The iconic double G logo is very hard to forget and will always be relevant and reputable in fashion.

But what if I told you that this luxury brand isn’t only designing the new wave and innovations of fashion but also promoting sustainable practices within the luxury community? Their sustainability initiatives are just one of the reasons we should all be Gucci-inspired.

In 2021 Gucci began posting its Equilibrium Impact Report, highlighting its most recent results and future goals with sustainability and environmental impact. Business Of Fashion stated that the report “suggests the company is making progress towards decoupling financial growth from environmental impact, one of the fashion industry’s biggest sustainability challenges.”

They measure their environmental impact through an environmental profit & loss account, an EP&L. Similar to a standard profit and loss report, an EP&L reveals how the company can be more cost-effective with ecological factors such as emissions, land use, waste, and water pollution. The most recent news is that their carbon footprint has fallen 15 percent compared to 2019 while sales continue to grow.

“Everyone talks about sustainability these days. We read about it every day in the papers and on the Web and hear about it on TV. However, not many players are fully transparent nor turn these good intentions into facts,” said Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s president and CEO.

Gucci has been openly transparent and has already implemented sustainability and eco-friendly techniques that are moving the conversation forward amongst influential couture houses. Check out a past article on Tulerie Talks that informs you on Fashion Revolution's definition and values held with brand transparency.

Along with decreasing their environmental footprint, they have included a series of upcycling projects that minimize waste and support social projects. Their Gucci-Up project that launched in 2018 recognizes their contribution to participating in the re-using of materials. The “Up” stands for upcycling, meaning they choose to give their materials and fabrics another life.

They have partnered with Green Line, a company that specializes in recycling textiles and fabrics, since 2015. Over five years, they have collected about 438 tons of textile waste with the help of Gucci, giving the materials another chance through the supply chain and not running the risk of being dumped in a landfill. One of the materials they find crucial to repurpose is leather.

Other sustainability practices include collecting and reusing industrial packaging. Their store sustainability innovations include LED lighting, natural decor materials, and energy-saving systems. They have also created their Gucci Vault, a virtual archive space hosting their past, present, and future designs.

The Off The Grid collection was the first in line with their circular fashion production. The innovative collection included duffle bags, backpacks, sneakers, and ready-to-wear pieces created using Econyl, a regenerated form of Nylon. The collection comprises “versatile pieces made for traveling to the countryside, inside the city, to somewhere undiscovered or imagined. Gucci Off The Grid collection is a journey that can also be taken more responsibly towards the

I highly recommend reading their Equilibrium Impact Report, where you can find more ways they work towards a better fashion environment.

For a luxury brand that has constantly challenged fashion norms, it's empowering to see how Gucci can inspire new ways to achieve the eco-friendliness that the industry needs to impact the Earth positively. The next time you walk on Fifth or Michigan Avenue and past the captivating Gucci window display, walk away not only remembering their iconic double G logo but also their fight for a cleaner and safer fashion environment.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style.