Over Florals? Rent These 5 Prints Instead.

Over Florals? Rent These 5 Prints Instead.

Is wearing florals in the spring becoming a fashion faux pas? That’s to be debated, but here's the scoop: according to @databutmakeitfashion, floral fashion has decreased by 15% this month, with Who What Wear giving it a nod.

Sure, floral prints are the unofficial uniform of spring, but let's channel our inner Miranda Priestly—it’s not exactly a groundbreaking revelation. We’ve worn them before and love them, but it’s time to shake things up and explore fresher prints for Spring 2024.

These floral alternatives still add vibrancy and color to your wardrobe, and renting them allows you to experiment without the pressure of purchasing. Below, see Tulerie’s top five prints that deserve a spot in your spring wardrobe lineup!

Animal Print

The animal print revival has begun! If you were wise enough to hold onto your animal print items, now is the perfect time to bring them out for spring 2024. Trendsetters have adopted animal print in various styles, such as skirts, coats, and boots, evoking a nostalgic feel with a modern spring touch. 

Réalisation Par Gia Dress (starting at $50) & Brother Vellies Nightfall Boots (starting at $84)


Another nostalgic print that encapsulates the essence of spring is Gingham. Embracing an effortless print doesn’t imply compromising on style and comfort. This gingham skirt is simple to put together, exudes sophistication, and is perfect for any spring occasion on your calendar.

Isa Arfen Asymmetrical Gingham Skirt (starting at $70)

Checkered Print

Checkered prints can sometimes suggest an old-fashioned look, but these three brands have managed to give it a modern twist by incorporating color, structure, and playful silhouettes. These three wardrobe pieces effortlessly transition from day to night and stand out on their own—no additional styling is needed.

De Castro Checkmate Dress (starting at $70), Stine Goya Zinne Sweater (starting at $50), & Prada Check Silk and Wool Skirt (starting at $336)


This season, stripes are a must-have for your wardrobe. Whether you prefer vibrant colors or a classic black-and-white stripe, make sure to include this versatile print in your outfits. These two simple-to-layer items will seamlessly transition into the warmer weather, ensuring your comfort as usual.

Staud Hampton Sweater (starting at $50) & Saint Laurent Distressed Cotton Tank (starting at $75)

Polka Dot

These dots are here to stay, giving a classic vibe but with a fresh twist this season. Check out these three rentals that are spot-on for your next event. And hey, sheer looks are all the rage now! Slip into Saint Laurent’s dress to ditch those winter layers for a breezier vibe.

Cherry Spot Balloon Skirt (starting at $64), Saint Laurent Ruched Dress in Dotted Tulle (starting at $229), & Alessandra Rich Mini Polka Dot Dress (starting at $200)


Explore all these printed looks for yourself on the Tulerie app! If you aren’t a member yet, join Tulerie today to get $50 off your first borrow. 

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style.