Why Borrow?

It’s ok to have closet envy. We’re here to help you deal with it.  

Trends are fun, but not all of them are worthy of a purchase. Borrow the pieces you don’t want to commit to buying.

Access high end designers without the high end price tag. Basically the same as that ride share you took to work this morning.

Wear the real McCoy, instead of a knock-off from a fast fashion store. Because buying a knock off is basically another form of stealing.

Reduce your environmental footprint. The less fast fashion you buy, the less plastic ends up in all of our seafood.

Why Lend?

Extra spending money. Who doesn’t want a little more? Earn 2x more by lending your pieces before you decide to resell them.

Have your heart set on that new bag? Buy it knowing you can loan it when you’re not using it to earn back some of that purchase. It’s basically like buying it on sale.

You can’t wear everything you own every day, so open up that enviable closet.

For every piece you loan, you save the planet from one more fast fashion item ending in a landfill.