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Who are we?

Tulerie is a peer-to-peer luxury closet sharing app with sustainability and sharing on the mind. The Tulerie community is made up of like-minded women who are obsessed with fashion and are eager to expand their wardrobes in a way that is friendly for both the environment and their wallets.

We are currently accepting community members through our interview process. Once accepted, you're on your way to discovering thousands of curated designer pieces from Bottega Veneta, Christian Dior, Gucci, Zimmermann, Khaite and more—straight from your phone.

Our Mission

Tulerie is bringing to light how sustainability, luxury, and community can coexist. Our mission is to change the way you think about your closet and deliver that desire for newness and variety in your wardrobe in a modern, ecofriendly way without sacrificing the joy of discovery that fashion serves.

Our Story

There once was a girl who let her friend borrow a dress....and then a skirt...and then a jacket. The friend started feeling guilty for always borrowing clothes and giving nothing in return. But the girl didn’t mind; she had been sharing clothes with her sister their entire lives, so it felt natural. Nonetheless, the two friends always talked about how nice it was to share and they wanted to do it more. So they asked other friends to share clothes, then more joined, and before long there was a community of women sharing clothes.

That is how the idea of Tulerie began, but it has turned into so much more since then. Tulerie is a community of women who adore fashion, but understand how damaging it can be to the environment.

With the rise of fast fashion and social media, the lifecycle of clothing items has drastically shortened. New styles are not launched seasonally anymore, they’re dropped weekly. As new trends come in, past trends fade away. Shoppers feel bored quickly and want something different frequently. This continuous demand has left us with clothing that is barely worn, stuffed in the backs of closets or tossed into landfills to make room for the new. But we now know that this cannot continue. That's where Tulerie comes in.

Well made clothes and accessories are meant to withstand dozens, even hundreds of wears. Purchases should be considered an investment. We understand the desire for something new, but we are redefining what ‘new’ means. At Tulerie, ‘new’ means "new to you", not new because it has tags on it.

We haven’t created anything new, we are simply reenergizing something friends and sisters have been doing our entire lives. Tulerie allows you to experience a fresh look without purchasing another new item. We can make sure the clothes we do purchase are worn to their full potential, together. Buy less, borrow more.