Clean Conscience, Cleaner Clothes

Clean Conscience, Cleaner Clothes

No matter how hard we may try, we can never escape the inevitability of laundry. It remains an unavoidable chore, always an empty box needing a checkmark on the to-do list. You invest a significant amount of time weekly in doing laundry, and there is no doubt it affects the environment leading you to question, what are the environmental consequences of unsustainable laundry use? 

Enter Celsious, a New York City premium laundromat and online destination for sustainable garment care solutions that is here to solve all your concerns with their best-in-the-business wash-dry-fold method and modern sustainable laundry products. Celsious may be the most fashionable laundromat we have ever seen. Instead of old linoleum floors, flickering fluorescent lights, a seating area with wobbly mismatched chairs, and a well-worn bulletin board on display, co-founders and sister power duo Theresa and Corinna Williams have created a laundromat you might actually want to spend a Saturday afternoon in. 

The professional and friendly space that first opened its doors in 2017 is immaculately decorated and boasts top-notched Electrolux washers and dryers, an outdoor patio, and an upstairs equipped with organic kombucha on tap, baked goods, and matcha drinks. Celsious is everything the Williams sisters desired, a modern space where green practices and fresh laundry go hand in hand, leaving you stress-free. 

The Williams sisters have a background and expertise in fashion and design and a shared love for the environment. For an industry that lacked some TLC toward the environment and its customers, they saw an opportunity in New York City to set up shop one block from the Bedford stop on the L train to serve Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and beyond a new sustainable laundromat experience

Just when you thought your laundry couldn't get any dirtier, according to National Geographic, washing machines emit an estimated 62 million tons of CO2-eq greenhouse gasses yearly and use around 19 billion cubic meters of water annually. 

One of the hallmarks of Celsious is their cutting-edge energy-efficient washers and dryers that save between 30 and 40 percent of water and gas with numerous specialty settings to avoid dry cleaning and toxic chemicals. In addition to their machines, Celsious has 100 percent biodegradable laundry powder and offer natural solutions for stains, pilling, static, and scent. Not using harsh chemicals commonly found in detergents demonstrate Celsious’s commitment to health-conscious laundering practices and ensures the clothes worn next to the skin are free from harmful residues. Celsious even collects dryer lint that can be made into insulation– a novel upcycling story. 

This sustainable technology starts at their flagship laundromat, offering in-store drop-off services, including a wash-dry-fold, wash-dry-bag, and specialty items service. Their turnaround times are as quick as four hours, and you can get an in-person laundry consultation at the store. For those not living locally, they have expanded their services to include laundry pickup and delivery and an online shop where you can find their curated selection of sustainable laundry products and garment care for your own home. The products include Corewash Laundry Powder, Stain Removal Spray, Microfiber Laundry Bag, and more. 

This dedication to sustainable technology not only benefits the environment but also serves as an educational platform, inspiring customers to consider the environmental consequences of their choices. However, the allure of Celsious doesn't solely rest on its commitment to sustainability; it's equally about the experience they provide and the community they have built. The ambiance of the laundromat is meticulously curated to transform the act of doing laundry into a social and enriching endeavor where even financially struggling customers feel welcomed thanks to their pay-it-forward program Bustle highlighted as the “laundry paid for by other members of the community.”

For the peer-to-peer lending community, this is one solution to furthering your conscious commitment to sustainability. That step as a Tulerie lender to clean your item isn’t going away, just as our weekly to-do laundry lists will always need a check mark. Taking advantage of Celsious's luxuries at home or in-store is one step closer to receiving a clean slate with even cleaner clothes. 

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style.