Fashion Editor Julia Gall’s Wedding Weekend Edit Will Stay in Our Minds Rent-Free

Fashion Editor Julia Gall’s Wedding Weekend Edit Will Stay in Our Minds Rent-Free

For the same price as a new dress, Julia Gall effortlessly rented an entire wedding weekend’s worth of luxury outfits. As a fashion editor who has experienced her fair share of closet hoarding, Gall finds the convenience of renting to be a no-brainer for her new no-shopping lifestyle.

“Why would I ever want to shop, commit, and hang on to something when I have all these incredible options at my fingertips?” says Gall. “I don’t have to think about how they will fit in my closet. I don’t have to consider it an investment. It makes sense for the world that we live in.”

Her professional journey has led her from Interview Magazine to Marie Claire and now to The Zoe Report. Writing has consistently been the cornerstone of her career, particularly heightened after the pandemic, when the idea of overconsumption started affecting her life.

“I work a lot with secondhand, and the stories I write tend to be about sustainability, my personal consumptions, and journey,” she says. That’s the beat I feel happy and comfortable in right now.” 

As a stylist, she depends on secondhand, vintage, and rental items to create a specific look quickly. Hence, borrowing an outfit for styling and packing for a wedding weekend getaway was the perfect solution. Being a proud carry-on-only traveler, she approached her wedding weekend wardrobe strategically, resulting in a foolproof selection of just six luxury pieces for $448.86.

Chatting with Gall about the thought process behind the six pieces, her “stylist math” shone through flawlessly. “I was thinking of how to pack smartly and find pieces and accessories that can transcend many different outfits throughout the weekend,” she says.

Gall is wearing Staud’s Kai top ($49) and Sea skirt ($49). Her accessories include Cult Gaia’s Nala clutch ($56), Gianvito Rossi mules ($68), and Simone Rocha pearl earrings ($59).

She chose the Staud Kai top and Sea skirt for the Friday welcome drinks and cocktail event, creating a coordinated “bang for your buck” outfit. She recommends choosing a two-piece set in a neutral or solid color that can be worn again over the weekend events. This Friday look is comfortable and perfect for transitioning from day to evening, whether for dinner or a night out at a bar. It’s also versatile to take you through the weekend ahead.

Gall is wearing Bernadette’s Miranda dress ($70). Her accessories include Cult Gaia’s Nala clutch ($56), Gianvito Rossi mules ($68), and Simone Rocha pearl earrings ($59).


For destination Saturday weddings, Gall’s three key styling tips are to be comfortable, appropriate for the weather, and never compete with the bridal party. She says prints are your best bet, and Bernadette is impeccable for their florals. “Weddings are a good place to flex your style and have a little fun outside of what you normally wear,” she says.

Gall is wearing Staud’s Sea skirt ($49) and the Cult Gaia Nala clutch ($56).


Finishing the weekend, the Sunday brunch look is a re-wear of the Staud Sea skirt. She pairs it with staple pieces from her wardrobe, including a striped long-sleeve top and vibrant ballet flats for a pop of color. Her go-to accessories for the weekend include the Cult Gaia Nala Clutch, Gianvito Rossi leather mules, and Simone Rocha pearl earrings. These three accessories are versatile and complement any outfit choice.

“You have all these incredible clothes that people are investing in. Rather than breaking the bank yourself to do that, you can play in their closets and world,” Gall says. “I don't find it weird to borrow other people’s clothes. We’re all treating everything with care because it’s all coming back together anyway.” 

Gall says she loves the try-before-you-buy model of Tulerie. “A car you get a test drive, a bag you don’t. Tulerie is the way to test drive these investment items before bringing them into your closet. For a fraction of the price, this is styling yourself in a way smarter way,” she says.

She has also listed a selection of her beloved handbags for rent on Tulerie, including the highly coveted mini Jackie in light blue. “I would love to see people get the chance to style my wardrobe and use these items, too,” she says. 

Even though the days of hoarding fashion editors are far behind her, she appreciates that renting allows her to keep the items in her possession. “You have the option of subsidizing those costs by being able to rent it and give it a second life. It’s basically like borrowing and lending to a (very fancy) friend of a friend.”  

Watch her Instagram reel for more on her wedding weekend edit, plus keep an eye out for pieces from Julia's wardrobe on Tulerie to borrow yourself. You can also explore all these looks for yourself on the Tulerie app! If you aren’t a member yet, join Tulerie today to get $50 off your first borrow.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style.