Are You Ready To Become A Pro Fashion Renter?

Are You Ready To Become A Pro Fashion Renter?

With a Cinderella shoe collection she has been building for 10-plus years and a passion for side-hustling her closet, Jess truly lives by the phrase, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” She is one of Tulerie’s top lenders and shares her shoes, bags, jewelry, and more amongst our vetted community of borrowers. 

The concept of sharing is nothing new. It’s no different than renting out a room on Airbnb – “You let someone use it, enjoy it, and then have it back to yourself,” says Jess. Why say goodbye to your wardrobe when you can make it work for you? That’s the beauty of peer-to-peer lending, the modern and eco-friendly closet-sharing solution.

Tulerie offers Jess the opportunity to earn money from her closet without having to part from it. She can purchase items with the intention of listing them, expanding the cost per wear of her wardrobe, and justifying the price. “I call it handbag math. My rentals fund my future luxury purchases,” says Jess. She has proven this is a lucrative side hustle, making over $6000 in her first year of renting out her wardrobe. 

The way it works: Lenders join via an interview call and create profiles where they can list their new and gently used designer clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories in minutes straight from their closet into the app. Tulerie does not hold any inventory and does not sell any products first-hand. Instead, we create a community of lenders and borrowers and facilitate transactions between closets.

“With the closed platform on Tulerie, I trust the borrowers,” says Jess. Everyone is incredibly respectful because each new member is vetted via an interview so our lenders can feel confident sharing their favorite pieces. Jess has had her fair share of items featured in magazines and borrowed by celebrities, and her shoes even walked the red carpet at a Netflix movie premiere because of lending on Tulerie. “There are a bunch of positive experiences with renters,” says Jess.

One of her most cherished memories is when a borrower shared that she was proposed to while wearing Jess’s handbag – a testament to the personal connection she creates with her renters. Another renter wore her vintage Chanel handbag at her courthouse wedding. “I feel like I am there for those celebrations, and it feels great to make someone feel beautiful or confident,” she says. Her commitment to connecting with our style-minded individuals and making their experience memorable with her items doesn’t go unnoticed.

If you have yet to try running a side hustle from home like Jess, now is the time. Here are her top tips on how to get started and be successful.

“Have realistic expectations because everything takes time,” says Jess. Sure, there's always a risk involved with investments, but more often than not, it pays off big time.
To minimize confusion between borrowers and lenders, putting thought and care into your in-app listings is essential. This includes conducting pricing research, taking high-quality images, and crafting detailed descriptions.
Jess says keeping the app open and enabling notifications are great ways to stay responsive to your borrowers. Maintaining an open line of communication is key, whether you are a borrower or a lender, as it helps answer any questions or concerns regarding the item. Tulerie’s in-app chat feature directly connects lenders and borrowers, making communication more convenient.
Known for her luxurious dust bags, designer boxes, and handwritten notes, Jess has set the bar high for lenders and their packaging. “I want renters to get the experience as if they are receiving the items like I did,” says Jess.
Jess says the latest review feature helps a lender “to have your own set of boundaries, that if you stick to will set you up for success.” What does that mean? As the owner of your closet, you can establish your own rules and limitations. It's important to remember that behind every transaction is a real person, not a faceless corporation.

Beyond the monetary successes, Tulerie is ultimately excited to change how you think about your closet and deliver that desire for newness and variety in your wardrobe in a modern, eco-friendly way without sacrificing the joy of discovery that fashion serves.

If you aren’t a member yet, join Tulerie today to start your lending journey!

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style