Vay-Cay Ritual

"Vacation” was a hit song released in 1982 by the all-female rock band the Go-Go’s — I wasn’t born yet but for some reason it’s my go-to song while I’m packing for a trip. As soon as the cheerful chorus kicks in “vacation, all I ever wanted, Vacation, had to get away” I am even more pumped for whatever get-away I’m headed for next. Like my go-to song, we’ve noticed Tulerie has become the go-to for our members any time they plan a trip. Some are craving something new, others need out-of-season essentials, but often they use Tulerie for the convenience of sending their wardrobe directly to their destination. Kind of genius. In that case, if I had nothing to pack I would just play my packing song while I browse Tulerie to keep the ritual alive!

Our members love Tulerie so-much-so they’ve been known to takeover our instagram stories and let us in to their lives for a brief moment in time. They share more than just their style, they clue us in to great restaurants, packing tips, and fave beauty products. As Violet and I always say, Tulerie goes way beyond “renting clothes”, we’re a community founded on the interest of fashion who embraces the nature of sharing.

Vacations, while a privilege, are also a necessity in my opinion — not just to rejuvenate the soul but more importantly to inspire the mind. So even if it’s a day trip to an unfamiliar neighborhood in Brooklyn or transversing a new country, make it a priority to educate yourself through the medium of travel as often as you can. Check out the Lookbook for some of our favorite vay-cay pieces available to borrow for your next trip!