Tulerette Amanda Azzinnari Shares Why Peer-To-Peer Lending Is the New Closet BFF

Tulerette Amanda Azzinnari Shares Why Peer-To-Peer Lending Is the New Closet BFF

There’s a moment in Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw recalls the excitement of her visit to The New York Stock Exchange over lunch with her girls. Despite the sudden urge to become an investor, she says, “I like my money right where I can see it– hanging in my closet.” Like any fashion go-getter Bradshaw type, the dream investment is a lavish wardrobe of the greatest designer clothes, shoes, and bags. Tulerie will one-up that dream by turning your closet into some serious cash.

With peer-to-peer lending, you can generate income from items you already own without selling them permanently– and let’s not forget, making your closet more sustainable by sharing the number of wears. 

Tulerette Amanda Azzinnari recalls joining Tulerie with a borrower mindset. She had 12 weddings on her calendar and couldn't begin thinking how she would prepare for the upcoming onslaught of all the weddings. Listing her items on the platform and earning money back (sometimes more than the retail value) on the outfits she purchased was just the cherry on top of the closet-sharing experience.

After seeing her Tulerie funds start to rack up, her mindset changed to an income and return on investment perspective. “These clothes are just sitting in my closet, and I might as well have them work for me,” she says. 

As a fashion lover who appreciates a little luxury now and then, buying with the intention of listing to justify the price was Azzinnari’s new method of shopping. She and her friends always talk about how the retail prices are just out of control, and because lending offsets some of those costs, those higher-end closet investments aren’t as scary.  

Azzinnari has even built her own community of Tulerettes who have continuously borrowed from her and who she actively thinks about when shopping. “I found this amazing Oscar De La Renta jumpsuit, secondhand, brand new with tags, and I thought, oh my gosh, this is like such an awesome statement piece, and someone will definitely want to rent this,” she says.

We provide a code of conduct to all our app users, but what truly instills a community of trust is our quick and easy interview process (think first-date style questions), where we will get to know you to ensure all intentions meet our community guidelines. 

She says there is always a risk you are taking as a lender. What if it comes back damaged? Azzinnari has been lending her wardrobe out for over two years and feels tremendous respect amongst her fellow Tulerettes. “Everyone treats the items like they're their own, which is really nice,” she says. “Not much can’t be solved with a dry cleaner or tailor.”

“With Tulerie, you have these gorgeous high-end things that you can't get on other rental sites, and the fact that it is peer-to-peer with a safer gate-kept community just makes it easier,” she says. As someone who was always borrowing from her friends' closets, peer-to-peer lending embodies that feeling she loves but brings a variety of styles and sizes beyond a best friend's closet. The community keeps her excited about rental and the future of fashion. 

For people with sustainability on their mind, lending partners perfectly with the circular fashion economy. You aren’t creating waste but rather turning what could be a waste of a wardrobe into a revenue stream through a circular process. “This is the easiest, most accessible, and economical way to get your dream closet,” Azzinnari says. What are you waiting for? Join the sharing economy, solving buyer's remorse one closet share at a time. 

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style