Three years of drinking water - or a t-shirt?

Before we could even reach the sink we learned to conserve water. “Turn off the water while you brush your teeth” our parents remarked. As teenagers it was “Don’t let the shower water run” they lamented.  And so we obliged, not because we believed we would run out of water but because we were kids and they told us to. Well now we’re adults and the scarier, meaner parent 'Day Zero' is here to tell us that running out of water is a real threat, and a current crisis for our South African friends in Cape Town. 

Though the crisis has been postponed it is happening in the very near future (like before your next birthday party). This has made us reevaluate the ways we use water, and not just from a business perspective by supporting innovative eco friendly brands like Reformation, Re/Done, and G-Star but in our own small ways like our parents taught us. Refinery 29 could not have been more timely when they sent shockwaves through our body that it takes 2,720 LITERS of water to make ONE t-shirt.  2,720!  That's three years of drinking water or one t-shirt.  Which would you choose?