The Handbags With The Greatest Return On Investment

The Handbags With The Greatest Return On Investment

A defining moment in womanhood is your first handbag. Whether passed down from future generations or purchased for yourself after your first job, handbags are a rite of passage that become unforgettable symbols of fashion.

After a year of circular fashion taking over the retail world, Vogue Magazine and TheRealReal teamed up to release a list of the most iconic handbags with the highest resale value, making them worth the investment of time and money.

Kelly McSweeney, The RealReal’s Senior Merchandising Manager, told Vogue that some of the characteristics that lead to the status of a high resale value are classic brand signatures such as logos or monograms and if that bag has been deemed a collector item.

Our friends at Lumera Magazine highlighted that resale is a way to prevent clothing waste. Pre-loved clothing is of higher quality and made to last a lifetime in your wardrobe. You are extending the garment's life by offering the pieces up for resale and to a new closet. Peer-to-peer lending is another excellent way to practice sustainable consumerism.

According to experts at TheRealReal, these handbags pass the test of time, resale, and rental. We selected our top five choices from their list to share the stories of these memorable bags and why they are here to stay as timeless fashion moments.

  1. Saint Laurent Le 5 Á 7 Hobo - This bag was inspired by the French cult film Cléo from 5 to 7. The film and bag take on a 60s Parisian feel with the shoulder strap and classic shape. The traditional Saint Laurent gold logo clasp has become a staple for the brand. Featured in different YSL collections, this handbag encompasses a mix of genres and has become a collector's item with limited-edition variations.
  2. Chanel Classic Mini Flap Bag - “In the past decade alone, this bag’s value has increased by 100%,” said Vogue. This bag dates back to 1955 when Coco Chanel first introduced this design, which proves its timelessness as it is still one of the most worn bags in fashion today. This handbag was revolutionary as it encouraged wearing a purse under the shoulder, ultimately making functionality an important aspect of fashion design. Your eye immediately falls on the iconic double C logo. Karl Lagerfeld later reinterpreted the bag as the 11.12, which even got its own short film by screenwriter Sofia Coppola. “I wanted to focus on the bag, how it’s made, and how it makes you feel – how you notice women passing by in Paris who seem to be going somewhere and have a life… and some mystery,” Coppola told L’Officiel.
  3. Jacquemus Chiquito Bag - The Chiquito Bag has been a brand staple since its launch in 2018 and has been featured in almost all of Jacquemus’s runway shows. TheRealReal sees this as a promising bag as it continues to become more popular. The top handle and long strap allow for duality, and the color palette includes both neutral and daring pastels and neon.
  4. Telfar Shopping Tote - TheRealReal said this bag declared its popularity over the last five years as it has become an extremely hard handbag to buy as it is always sold out. This bag defines what it means to be a collectible piece. This brand is on the more affordable side but still has captured the attention of luxury shoppers, making it the most popular and important bag of 2020, and its value will remain the same.
  5. Fendi Baguette - Last, we have the famous Carrie Bradshaw sidekick, the Fendi Baguette. In September 2022, Fendi celebrated 25 years of the Baguette bag establishing its it-bag status. Its design was inspired by Parisian women and how they would hold bread under their arms. It’s well known for its silhouette, single strap, and inverted FF hardware. After its cameo in Sex and the City, it became a pop culture symbol. Silvia Venturini Fendi defines the bag as “a best friend that never leaves your side.”

With the special moment of owning your first designer handbag, you want to make it count. These pieces have shown their worthiness of investment as we continue to value quality, sustainability, and circular fashion.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style