The Champion: Mara Hoffman

The Champion: Mara Hoffman

Congratulations don’t have a season and they never go out of style but we are certainly overdue in congratulating Mara Hoffman who was awarded the “Leading the Change Award” this past NYFW.

The award was granted by Unifi as a part of the REPREVE Champions of Sustainability Awards recognizing brand leaders committed to sustainable sourcing. Repreve is a fiber, like how cotton is a fiber, but more importantly it’s a sustainable recycled fiber made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Fourteen billion bottles have been recycled to date as a result. If you love Mara Hoffman’s textured swimwear as much as we do, than SURPRISE, you also love Repreve.

Mara Hoffman’s eponymous line wasn’t always the environmentally conscious company it is today. After 15 years in the business witnessing first hand how damaging and irresponsible the process was she was faced with a moral dilemma and a decision to close up shop or completely restructure. Thankfully for all of us she chose the latter and in 2016 relaunched as a sustainable, eco-conscious label. A risky decision amongst her peers at the time but her unconventional thinking (something we have in common at Tulerie) is finally being applauded.

Aside from being a champion in sustainability she’s paying it forward too. After a recent trip to India to visit an embroidery group she often works with, Hoffman partnered with Nest, a non-profit highlighting the human element of sustainability. Together, they are working to create a training and development program that would assist these small artisans in expanding their client base.

The Mara Hoffman brand is evidence that sustainable style doesn’t have to be shapeless and boring. We’re not the betting type...but if we were, we’d bet most of you have purchased Mara Hoffman solely for its fashionabiltiy and you had no idea it was crafted from fibers from a local hemp farm or the water bottle you received at Soul Cycle.

Bravo Mara. Keep doing what you’re doing, we’re all watching!