Somewhere over the Rainbow (Future)

Have you ever strut into the shoe section at Barney's, grabbed a shoe and thought about what it took to MAKE that shoe? What it took to give that shoe it's unique color and shape? I bet most of you would nod your head no. Well, Salvatore Ferragamo will make sure you think about it now because one of Ferragamo's most iconic sandals is getting a sustainably sexy makeover. 

Rainbow Future represents the brands swoop into the eco-fashion market. The new platform sandal is a replica of the famed 1938 Rainbow Sandal created specifically for actress Judy Garland.  The unique shoe takes the term "Made in Italy" to a whole new level by literally employing Italy's spectacular natural environment to construct these distinctive sandals.  The Rainbow Future sandal requires hours of artisanship to complete and gains inspiration from the force of nature.  Rainbow Future's color platform is hand-finished in veritable wood and made with organic cotton.  Also, the leather lining is finished with no carbon dioxide emission or water consumption.  Other eco-friendly materials such as water glue, non-galvanized brass and recycled sewing thread were used in the construction of the sandal.  To top it all off, Ferragamo uses biodegradable cotton shoe bags and recyclable cardboard shoe boxes for the packaging. Pretty big deal! If other brands were to follow their lead it would greatly benefit the environment and the future of eco-fashion. Each pair of shoes will also be given a little bit of life; the shoes will be accompanied by a limited edition certificate that describes it's history and special characteristics. 

According to the fashion powerhouse, Rainbow Future has received an ISO 14067 certification - which will calculate the emissions produced during its making and compensate them through reforestation programs, making it a "carbon neutral" shoe. Already amazed? I'll keep going. Due to this, Ferragamo will now be backed by Treedom.  Treedom is a "Florence firm specialized in agro-forestry projects and in CO2 compensation." Through this collaboration, one orange tree will be planted for each of the 100 pairs of Rainbow Future's produced.  That's 100 orange trees! The label calls this "a precious symbolic gift from Salvatore Ferragamo to the clients who buy the shoe." What a package! Beautiful eco-friendly sandals AND a tree!

Rainbow Future truly honors the tie between Ferragamo's obvious commitment to sustainable development and the tradition of "Made in Italy".  You go Ferragamo! With only 100 of these babies being produced you better hurry and get yours, we may just beat you there!