Prada’s New Enhanced Sustainability Partnership Marks A Turn of The Tide

Prada’s New Enhanced Sustainability Partnership Marks A Turn of The Tide

Prada's household name continues to hold power as a leading brand on the runway with its innovative designs, exploring an unapologetic form of fashion, and a strong commitment and financial support to environmental initiatives. For the next two years, Prada Group will donate 1 percent of all revenue from its Re-Nylon collection to the Sea Beyond educational program. Will this small drop in the ocean spark other luxury houses to make the same commitment and contributions?

Prada Group and UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) have promoted Sea Beyond since 2019, and this July, they are officially expanding their partnership beyond education and into ocean-related research and humanitarian projects.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada’s head of corporate social responsibility, announced the new financial commitment at the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission’s Member States Assembly in Paris, France. As an educational program that aligns with the Prada Group’s goals–raising awareness on ocean conservation and sustainability to students all over the world–strengthening this partnership into further research, projects, and an Ocean Decade Coordination Office in Venice with the help of the Re-Nylon collection was the necessary step to drive more change. 

Since the start of Sea Beyond, more than 600 secondary school students in eight different countries have completed their educational program, and 120 preschoolers have completed their Kindergarten of the Lagoon lessons. 

Sea Beyond is ready to expand with the help of Prada Group and its Re-Nylon collection sales to reach 10,000 students in ocean literacy before 2025 and, most importantly, encourage governments to bring this education into schools directly. 

Prada’s Re-Nylon collection shows what Prada does best, seamlessly delivering high-end contemporary fashion while committing to sustainability. The creations in the collection are crafted from entirely regenerated nylon made through recycled plastic found in oceans, landfills, fishing nets, and textile fiber waste globally. “Our commitment to Prada Re-Nylon highlights our continued efforts towards promoting responsible business,” says Bertelli. “This collection allows us to contribute and create products without using new resources.”

Does the Re-Nylon Re-Edition 2000 mini bag or the Re-Nylon puffy headband with the instantly recognizable logo ring a bell? Not only are these highly sought rentals in the Tulerie closet, but they are coveted items across all closets worldwide. Now that the proceeds from this collection will boost ocean protection, the purchase justification just got a lot easier. 

What’s next for the partnership of Sea Beyond, Prada Group, and IOC? Ahead of the next UN Ocean Conference in 2025, the Prada group and IOC will stage a preparatory forum in Venice in 2024 and continue to be active in educational programs. Furthermore, their research and projects include funding the final phase of a project led by Italian biologist Giovanni Chimienti, who studies deep-sea marine organisms and partnering with French charity Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries without borders), creating ocean-focused content for the benefit of underprivileged children. 

Prada recognizes that working with the younger generations is the best way to get the resources and knowledge to the general population. “Culture and education are fundamental for making change happen,” says Bertelli. “We need to invest in a constructive dialogue with young generations to contribute to a more sustainable future and preserve our ocean.” 

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