Prada is the New Black

Prada is the New Black

We feel like the word “revolutionize” is on overdrive lately but we actually believe it in this case when we say textile innovation company Evrnu is revolutionizing the fashion industry. They have created a proprietary engineered fiber made from clothes that would otherwise be put to waste. NuCycl, the technology behind this progress, works at a molecular level to preserve and strengthen fibers for new uses. And it’s no shock to us who’s first in line to start using it.

Adidas x StellaMcCartney are at it again and have incorporated NuCycl into a limited edition hoodie. According to Evrnu, the Infinite Hoodie has "customized performance features" and "is designed to be disassembled and returned to the NuCycl system." How cool is that?

This isn't the first time we've talked about Adidas' efforts to minimize waste. And Stella has been recognized again and again for her advocacy towards the environment, animal welfare, and sustainability so a strategic partnership with a forward-thinking brand like Evrnu is now just her general M.O. (but that will never stop us from giving her a virtual pat on the back every time.)

While Evrnu's revolutionary product enables unwanted clothes to find a new life, it’s only one piece of the very complicated puzzle. Although circularity is a noble goal and an important step in the right direction, it doesn't solve millions of tonnes of garments from being produced or sitting in landfills, nor cheap toxic fabrics and dyes from being synthesized and leeched into our water and ground.

Positive change at any point in the fashion life cycle is an achievement worthy of commendation. But the environmental impact of fashion won't be truly reduced unless we get to the root of the problem: basic supply and demand. Until accountability is established for entities that seek to profit off destruction and depletion of resources, until ethical business and production practices and processes are implemented from beginning to end, and until excessive greed and consumption are no longer the norm (indicative of the international zeitgeist), the fashion industry status quo needs to be challenged and changed by all of us.