Nice Package!

Nice package…we never say that…for any reason. We’ve been anti-packaging from the start, not because it was relevant but because we personally loathe the amount of waste associated with packaging, especially in beauty and retail. It’s too much! So we stripped it from our plans even though we knew that meant giving up a core branding opportunity — for a start-up brand identity and exposure is crucial. But we’ve never looked back on that decision and turns out you all like this approach as much as we do which makes us all giddy inside. It proves not only do we bond over our shared love of fashion but we also share the same values, and that means something to us as we build and foster the Tulerie network.

We recently read an awesome article in Vogue centered around the advent of this disposability mentality and the absurdity of package waste. Let us summarize it here with a line in the article quoted by the TerraCycle (refillable packaging) CEO, “Recycling is a solution to the system of waste, but not the root cause. It’s like taking Tylenol every morning because you have a migraine. The Tylenol is a solution to the symptom, but you aren’t solving the reason you have a migraine. The earth’s “migraine” is the climate crisis, and you could say the “Tylenol” is the persistent greenwashing and meager efforts from global brands to reverse it. The root cause isn’t one specific thing, like fast fashion or air travel; more broadly, it’s our culture of disposability.”

Are you a culprit of the disposability mentality? We used to be, and while fast fashion isn’t the only issue in retail it was certainly allowing that mindset to persist in us personally. Since launching Tulerie we borrow more and buy better and we’ve given so many women the opportunity to do the same. We're giving ourselves a little pat on the back this weekend because it's not often we stop to recognize what we're building, together with you. Dare to share.