Invest Now And Wear Forever With Guest In Residence

Invest Now And Wear Forever With Guest In Residence

The best clothing is the one with a story that continues to live on. Gigi Hadid recognized this desire to combine luxury, comfort, and conscious consumer behavior to create Guest In Residence, a 100% cashmere knitwear clothing brand that “honors timeless designs and craftsmanship while building a renewed version of heritage heirlooms for all generations.”

Remember the Tulerie Talks all about timeless fashion and your capsule wardrobe? Guest In Residence is sticking its ground as a brand to include in that wardrobe you will take with you for a lifetime. Hadid went on Jimmy Fallon and shared the story of how she became inspired to create this brand to fuel your capsule wardrobe.

She said that for her first cold winter in college in New York, her mom and dad gave her a sweater that later became a family heirloom that brought nostalgia and comfort to the new chapter of her life she had started.

When the next natural step in her adult career was to dive into creating a clothing brand, she said that she wanted her passion and love for fashion to shine through, forming a brand ethos that was very strong and clear to the community of Guest In Residence.

What does Guest In Residence mean? Hadid describes on Instagram that, “We are Guest(s) in Residence of the clothes we own- they have had a life before us, and hopefully, if we take care of them, a life after us. We are guests in residence of our physical bodies, of the homes we live in, and of this planet. A “Guest in Residence,” to me, is also someone who is at home in themselves.”

The brand launched on September 7th with cashmere pieces that come in a multitude of warm hues, most of which will be priced under $400, said Fashionista.

The website has a cashmere guide that immediately claims that their knitwear is made to last a lifetime. Within luxury fashion comes proper care to give that clothing article the long life it deserves. The brand offers transparency and direction on the needs and care of cashmere.

All the Guest In Residence cozy knitwear is made from a biodegradable yarn that avoids pilling, giving it the longevity consumers are searching for in their wardrobes.

Hadid said, “I want to encourage this generation to invest in good quality pieces and keep them for a long time in their wardrobes and pass them down to people they love,” and ultimately think about what and when you are consuming throughout the year. Conscious consumer behavior is timely, and investing in timeless pieces will help jumpstart your healthier and more sustainable habits.

With the new season, you may feel like it's time to have a new wardrobe. But instead of investing in the fall 2022 fast-fashion trends, invest in luxurious and timeless items. Your fashion trend fix can be solved by renting and borrowing instead.

With this pattern, not only will your style evolve, but your lifestyle. Dedicating thoughtful time to the items you love can go a long way, and these Guest In Residence knitters will not leave your closet anytime soon.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style