Icy Blue: Spring’s Coolest Shade to Rent

Icy Blue: Spring’s Coolest Shade to Rent

With a new season comes a new color palette. While we say goodbye to winter, one of its ethereal shades remains—icy blue. This latest addition to the minimalist palette exudes a refined charm similar to its counterpart, white. Why will minimalists adore it? It’s versatility in outfit choices and effortless blend with existing black and beige outfits.

Seen on the Spring 2024 runways of Stella McCartney, Givenchy, and Proenza Schouler, this subtle yet sophisticated color captivates the discerning eye. That’s why it’s on our spring wishlist for rentals, allowing you to enjoy the pieces without buying them. 

Below, explore our top ten rentals in icy blue, where cool textures and colors converge beautifully.


Now a beloved trend, these reinvented pajamas truly elevate your lounging days. Not only are they soft and cozy, ideal for unwinding, but thanks to their distinctive feather trim, they also serve as a party outfit.

Party Pajama Set (starting at $55)


Incorporating blue into your outfit with a shiny patent leather heel is a perfect way to explore this trendy color. Style these Valentino slingbacks with a tailored suit to carry you effortlessly from office hours to happy hours.

Patent Leather Slingbacks (starting at $98)

Cecilie Bahnsen

This dress is versatile and suitable for both dressing up and dressing down. The oversized style is ideal for staying comfortable. And for our mom-to-be Tulerettes, it could also accommodate your growing baby bump.

Alberte Ruffled-Collar Mini Dress (starting at $140)

Stine Goya

For a sporty look, opt for these Stine Goya cargo pants, which offer both practicality and style. Pair them with a mini bag and sweater in matching tones to create a monochromatic outfit.

Fatuna Cargo Trousers (starting at $60)

Bottega Veneta

Bottega’s mini skirt showcases their distinctive weave from a new and innovative perspective. It’s the perfect addition for adding texture to your wardrobe.

Woven Leather Mini Skirt (starting at $564)


Step into the renowned Self-Portrait tank dress, which captures a sense of lightness and elegance with a hint of sensual allure. The icy blue hue adorned with sparkling crystals is ideal for a romantic evening or a weekend escape.

Embellished Tank Dress (starting at $74)

Sally LaPointe

We adore uncomplicated dresses that simplify putting together an outfit. The body-skimming cut creates a flattering silhouette, making it ideal for incorporating your “something borrowed & blue” during the spring wedding season.

Satin Drape Dress (starting at $95)

Cult Gaia

These shoes are still a must-have for spring and summer. Cult Gaia’s creations embody a sculptural essence, effortlessly combining comfort and style to elevate your outfit. 

Alia Slingbacks (starting at $50)


It's a minimalist classic, but why not add a pop of color? If you want to play it safe with this color trend, try renting a bag that's already a trusted companion.

Teen Triomphe Bag (starting at $285)


We are not ready to bid farewell to bows just yet. This Chanel crop top is perfect for embracing feminine vibes with a refreshing touch. 

Bow Crop Top (starting at $129)



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-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style.