Fashioning Our Future with The Gucci-Go-Round

Fashioning Our Future with The Gucci-Go-Round

One Gucci cardigan, 12 Tulerettes, 12 days, and 12 ways. This April, for Earth Month, Tulerie launched its latest campaign, Gucci-Go-Round, to spread awareness of the benefits of peer-to- peer sharing, the new way to rent. We sent the Gucci cardigan to friends of Tulerie and sustainable fashion ambassadors to demonstrate the mission of peer-to-peer closet sharing and how one good quality piece can have many different lives and reduce consumption.

The cardigan that traveled from city to city was the Gucci Flora Cotton Wool Cardigan. Illustrator Vittorio Accornero de Testa designed the iconic Gucci “Flora” pattern for Rodolfo Gucci and his wishes to gift a newly designed floral silk scarf to Princess Grace Kelly in 1966. Accornero created the floral pattern on an ivory background, including 37 colors and an array of flora and fauna, including daffodils, poppies, butterflies, and beetles. Almost 60 years later, the pattern still inspires the fashion house.

Rodolfo Gucci invested in this pattern, which has become a brand signature as it continues to be a recycled pattern amongst their luxurious garments. Inspired by this cardigan’s story, the investment of a high-quality piece, and community sharing, Tulerie’s founder, Violet Gross, wanted to share our mission with the help of the Gucci-Go-Round.

Tulerie allows you to borrow from beyond your inner circle and lend your clothes because we no longer live in a world where it's acceptable to wear something once. As sustainability is fresh on our minds, Tulerie is here to tell you why sharing is fun. There are benefits for both borrowers and lenders in peer-to-peer closet sharing. By becoming a Tulerette, you are on your way to making cash, connections, and a more conscious closet.

Why closet share? This is why. Your closet is one of your biggest investments. By sharing your investment, you'll maintain quality, earn income, and keep clothing waste out of landfills.

Our Tulerie friends and ambassadors met us at the corner of buy less, borrow more by sharing one cardigan amongst each other and participating in a style challenge–proving that investing in higher-quality pieces means they last longer and that one piece can still feel fresh with different styling.

I got on the Gucci-Go-Round myself and led with timeless and fanciful styling, which I felt the cardigan embodied. I was determined to maximize my four-day rental period and create a memorable Tulerette experience with the cardigan. The cardigan arrived in a reused Amazon box and Tulerie logo tote bag. Tulerie has never provided packaging for a single shipment and encourages its community to be mindful of packaging waste, one of the industry's biggest problems.

Inspired by the luxury that is Gucci, I planned an editorial photoshoot on one of my days and lived out my dream of a magazine cover shoot. The sweetness of the floral ivory cardigan paired with my classy, yet edgy black tulle skirt and black pointed-toe boots told my journey with the Gucci-Go-Round perfectly. And just like that, my borrowing time was up, and I reused the box to ship it to the next Tulerette, excited to see the journey the cardigan would bring them.

Sarah Wasilak, POPSUGAR's Senior Fashion Editor, took the Gucci grandma approach to style the Gucci-Go-Round. She says, “My favorite thing about wearing vintage clothing is that, in a way, we’re personifying a garment by contributing to its ever-evolving story. I was obviously game to wear someone else’s memories… while making my own.”

Anchyi Wei, Tulerette, and digital creator’s closet mantra is quality over quantity, mindful consumption, and minimizing waste. “I enjoy investing in truly unique pieces that align with my personal style and purchasing only items that will be loved for decades to come,” she says. “I absolutely love wearing designer pieces without having to invest in the purchase price! Borrowing is much more sustainable for the plant and your wallet.”

Karen Huggins, Tulerie ambassador, and sustainability advocate’s closet mantra summarize the mission of closet sharing and our Gucci-Go-Round: "Fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth.” With Earth Day coming up, our community is being extra mindful of our fashion’s environmental impact.

The creativity of the Tulerie community in their styling choices, statements about who they are with their fashion, and their commitment to the planet, have us hopeful for a future where we are supporting a circular fashion model.

Sustainability, luxury, and community can coexist. Thank you to everyone who shared the mission this Earth Month and will continue to redefine fashion together. Buy less, borrow more.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style