8 Must-Have Rentals for Out West

8 Must-Have Rentals for Out West

The anticipation for Beyonce's “act ii COWBOY CARTER” is building up, and I can’t deny that “Texas Hold ‘Em” has been playing on repeat in my playlist. The upcoming warmer weather, Bella Hadid’s return to the horsegirl style, and the recent runway displays by Louis Vuitton, Chloé, and Isabel Marant have me fully embracing the Western revival. 

While Western influences have appeared in previous spring seasons, this time, they feel more promising as Western meets downtown style. Imagine combining cowboy boots with a slip dress for a casual stroll to your brunch reservation. And for those who resonate with Barbara Mandrell’s “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool,” we see you.

Below, discover the eight Western fashion trends available to rent now on Tulerie. Horses are not included, but they are definitely encouraged.

The Printed Jacket

There’s no fringe, but incorporating a striped Loewe signature might attract some urban dwellers who appreciate the countryside. This jacket is a standout piece in any outfit collection– even if it’s rented. Its blanket stitching and embossed pocket make it a must-have in your outerwear repertoire.

Loewe Stripe Button Jacket (starting at $205)


The Rodeo-Ready Jeans

This spring, we’re trading dark-wash denim for ivory Isabel Marant. The frayed hems bring a touch of style to the timeless flared design, tempting you to either ride a horse or strike a cute pose next to one for a photo.

Isabel Marant Elvira Frayed Jeans (starting at $59)


The Diorodeo Hat

This isn’t your typical, traditional felt cowboy hat, but the Diorodeo is ideal for the upcoming warmer months. Whether in the countryside, at brunch, at a music festival, or the beach, this is a must-have accessory.

Christian Dior Diorodeo Large Brim Hat (starting at $108)


The Western Belt


Throwing on a western belt might be the easiest way to achieve this spring and summer aesthetic. Find a belt with a buckle that will speak your rhythm– rodeo points if it showcases a modern twist on etched hardware. 

Maje Western Double Buckle Belt (starting at $70)

The Cowboy Boot

Isabel Marant’s signature shoe style exudes a distinct Western influence. This boot features intricate topstitching, a pointed toe, exaggerated welts, and a Cuban heel, offering a relaxed yet sophisticated twist on the classic cowboy boot.

Isabel Marant Duerto Leather & Suede Boots (starting at $95)

The Denim Midi Skirt

Denim is the epitome of classic Western style. Midi skirts, with their country roots, are a spring staple. They offer a more refined and mature look than minis, especially from Khaite. 

Khaite Lennon Flared Denim Midi-Skirt  (starting at $71)


The Prairie Dress

Springtime and floral dresses are always a reliable choice. ​​Doen’s designs are inspired by the landscapes of the designer’s childhood, infusing a delightful feminine touch into the Western aesthetic.

Doen Emmaretta Shirred Floral Dress  (starting at $69)

The Western Shirt

The brand to wear as we stay in Western times is Bode, known for drawing inspiration from personal stories and historical methods. Inspired by a '50s tablecloth, the buckaroo shirt embodies authentic Western charm.

Bode Beaded Buckaroo Long-Sleeve Shirt (starting at $90)


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-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style.