Can I Borrow That?

Can I Borrow That?

Fashion Month is well under way. Each new season brings fresh takes on timeless pieces, the ones you feel good about investing in and keep for a decade and conversely, the quick-wear-it-before-it’s-over trendy peices. At this point with the 100 plus shows and presentations already behind us we have a defined sense of the trends on the horizon for spring.

It always amazes us how the fashion world seems to incoherently sync up on so many trends. Imagine if designers were secretly meeting twice a year deciding, “oh yes we’re all bringing back puff sleeves next season”.

As fun as it is to see the trends unfold, we know we won’t be buying into all of them — so here is a download of the ones we have our eye on but we don’t love them enough to buy at the designer level (and you certainly won’t find us fishing around Zara or Topshop to get them.) So what’s the solution? The Tulerie community has vast and unique style, so we’re planning to borrow these trends from one of the Tulerie girls who plan to make them a statement in their closet!

Embellishments. Embellishments seem to always be in rotation but designers find a way of updating this trend by fusing it with more current silhouettes. As much as we would like to invest in this constantly circulating trend, our old pieces never feel quite right when the trend comes back on the scene. We liked embellished looks from Bluemarine, Cavalli, Prada, Brock and Rodarte.

Fishnet. We saw a lot of variation of net style garments on the runway in the form of dresses, tops, skirts, hats and accessories. Dresses made from what resembles a real fisherman’s net to more boho interpretations like crochet and macrame. We’re digging the Dolce & Gabbana dress for us, as it’s not head-to-toe netting like looks we saw from Gypsy Sport, Ferragamo, and JW Anderson.

Polka Dot. We adore polka dots and we’re probably more excited about this trend than most, but for us, it’s not a classic enough print like a stripe — so we’ll be borrowing it. The key difference in the Spring 2019 polka dot is it’s a lot larger of a dot! As 80’s babies, this is too reminiscent of a trend we already wore. Max Mara, Herrera, and Dolce did the larger polka dot well. If we were to invest in this trend we would consider prints with a smaller polk dot, like we saw at Prada and Gabriella Hearst. But that’s just us!

Mix & Match Prints. Like quilts made by a sweet grandmother, but chicer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…we are not beholding this trend. Mis-match is just not our thing, but we know ton’s of women who love eclectic, colorful prints and consider a black dress a fashion crime — this is their moment. We liked the way Marni, Versace, Herrera and Prabal Gurung pulled it off.

Unorthodox Animal Prints. Lions, and tigers, and bears, OH MY! It seems no animal print is off limits for Spring 2019. Zebra and snake were stand-outs but tiger definitely is the animal de jour. In last weeks blog about what to invest in, we discussed animal print but we reserve that for the classic cheetah print and the traditional color way. We saw variations of unorthodox animal prints from Roberto Cavalli, Tod’s, Burberry and during pre-spring at Chloé and Rochas.

Tie-Dye. Again, we are children of the 80’s so this is a nostalgic trend and one we wore HARD —when we were 7! We may dip a toe into this trend next season and if we do it’s likely we’ll be borrowing it from a millennial who has no idea this trend ever existed. We saw tie-dye from R13, John Elliott, Prabal Gurung, and Eckhaus Latta.

Make your list now on what you’ll be investing in versus borrowing. And don’t forget to let us know what you’ll be searching for on Tulerie.