Beyond the Buzz: FARM Rio Focuses on Sustained Environmental Initiatives for a Greener Future

Beyond the Buzz: FARM Rio Focuses on Sustained Environmental Initiatives for a Greener Future

What began with two friends, Kátia Barros and Marcello Bastos, who opened a small booth in an independent market, has become a celebrated name in fashion that cherishes the planet, diversity, and the rich heritage of Brazil. FARM Rio has captivated the hearts of fashion enthusiasts with its unique design and efforts toward sustainability for over 25 years. Since its start in 1997, FARM Rio has expanded to over 86 stores across Brazil and has officially landed aboard with a new chapter starting in the United States. 

FARM Rio’s kaleidoscope of patterns, bold colors, and playful prints have found their way into the Tulerie closet, where our fashion-forward community is experiencing firsthand the tropical flair rooted in inclusion and sustainability. 

It’s not hard to spot the efforts of FARM Rio when their clothing tags state, “We Plant 1,000 Trees Every Day.” However, clothing tags are often the first introduction to greenwashing from a fashion brand. As consumers, it's part of our responsibility to research to distinguish sustainable brands from those greenwashing. Where does FARM Rio fall on the line of sustainability? 

FARM Rio’s sustainability page is stacked with its commitment to eco-friendly practices and striving to reduce its environmental impact. The One Purchase, One Tree Planted project is the first standout in its responsibility. “Nature has been our greatest inspiration here at FARM Rio for the past 25 years,” FARM Rio’s website states. “We believe it is part of our duty to help protect nature and give back to the environment.”

FARM Rio has partnered with One Tree Planted to aid in reforestation efforts in all Brazilian biomes. The initiative is exactly like how it sounds. After every purchase on the FARM Rio website, stores, or authorized retailers, the brand will donate the dollar amount equivalent to one tree planted–and at the end of 2022, they reached their milestone of 1,000,000 trees.

Furthermore, FARM Rio is a part of the United Nations Global Impact, where they have established a carbon agenda aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 agenda. FARM Rio is a 100% carbon-neutral company that continues to offset its clothing operations' total emissions in Brazil and globally. Their latest 2021 sustainability report has been published and outlines more of their goals and initiatives. We recommend scrolling through it to learn more about FARM Rio’s ESG. 

A great way to get immediate insight into FARM Rio’s commitment to environmental, social, and economic sustainability is its brand pillars. The pillars of FARM Rio include circularity, culture, nature, people, and responsible materials. Their roots as a Brazilian company inspired by nature and the circular economy concept are infectious to the fashion community. “I feel proud and deeply emotional to be able, through fashion, to represent Brazil—our beautiful country and has a very diverse culture—and our city of Rio de Janeiro, where FARM Rio was born,” says founder Barros

We will not deny that FARM Rio has growing to do with the sustainability movement. They could be better. However, they are worth discussing because they recognize that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. These are the brands we should be highlighting and uplifting within the community. These are the brands worth our time and investment. 

FARM Rio has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry, proving to their community that sustainability is more than just a buzzword to them. They have built a loyal customer base while inspiring other brands to follow suit. Through FARM Rio, fashion and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. 

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style