An Eternal Love For Prada

An Eternal Love For Prada

Timeless, precious, and rare” have become the signature words to paint the new campaign and Prada collection, Eternal Gold. This Italian household designer has yet again curated a collection redefining what jewelry means to the luxury fashion industry through technology, sustainability, humanity, and “everlasting neo-classic #Prada archetypes.”

In 2020, Raf Simons joined Miuccia Prada as Co-Creative Director, which has shifted the designs to have a fresher and more modern look while still upholding the classic and iconic DNA of the brand.

But, when it came time to explore their jewelry designs, they were challenged to think about how they could give “contemporary updates” and put the Prada touch on something as classic and timeless as gold jewelry.

As always, Prada accepted the challenge, and they succeeded. Their Eternal Gold collection launched on October 17, 2022, and has been available online in select countries. The collection features chokers, earrings, pendant necklaces, rings, coil bracelets, and more in this signature eternal gold.

If you scroll through the selection online, the boldness and power of the jewelry immediately jump out at you. Prada was able to craft the perfect juxtaposition between timeless designs with the “Prada-ness” we all know and adore.

This collection is even more newsworthy because it’s genderless and sustainable. The Cut stated that the collection is not heteronormative, and the intention was to have the same designs available to all genders that even offered personal customization with add-ons.

It wouldn’t be an Eternal Gold Collection without being sustainable. Vogue said, "The clean and sculptural gold pieces—some with pavé diamonds—are made entirely of Certified Recycled Gold and are traceable through a chip embedded in a 100% recycled paper card that comes with the piece—a new concept in the fine jewelry space.”

Certified Recycled Gold comes from electronics or other pieces that have been melted down. Along with the traceable chip, each piece in the collection has been certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council.

“We took our time. To be honest, this took longer than the design and development. But we worked with the supply chain to ensure transparency to drive change in the industry,” said Timothy Iwata, Prada’s jewelry director to The Cut.

This collection has opened new opportunities for Prada’s exploration within the jewelry industry. Still, they continue to vow to stay true to their brand DNA and identity, which has sparked this eternal love amongst the Prada community.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style