Amazon Leaders Fashion Forward by Renting for Climate Week

Amazon Leaders Fashion Forward by Renting for Climate Week

September brought inspiring news of numerous corporations committing to ambitious carbon reduction targets, showing a strong global commitment to combat climate change. Through a partnership with Amazon at Climate Week NYC, which ran from September 17-24, Tulerie’s focus on reducing waste and promoting circular fashion was given a global stage at Amazon’s Climate Pledge Summit

Wynne Pickus, Amazon’s worldwide sustainability program manager and avid Tulerie renter, is the mastermind behind this collaboration. Although fashion and sustainability’s intersection is not one of the many hats Pickus wears at Amazon, it is a strong personal moral she felt she had to leverage her platform to highlight. “It's super powerful to show that we have our hands in every pot at Amazon,” says Pickus. “This partnership with Tulerie was a turning point to realize that just because this isn't my job doesn't mean I can’t make other sustainable initiatives and partnerships happen. Partnerships are a huge part of sustainability and catalyst to solving the issue.” 

Pickus spent the last few months at Amazon planning their second Climate Pledge Summit.  The Climate Pledge community of over 450 signatories who have signed onto Amazon’s commitment to be net zero carbon by 2040 were in attendance. Recognizing that many climate leaders would already be in New York that week, Amazon decided to tack on a big event at the end of Climate Week to bring organizations together to strategize solutions. 

Kara Hartnett Hurst, vice president of worldwide sustainability, and government officials, including Washington state Governor Jay Inslee and U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, took center stage to discuss the need for collaborative public-private action. 

Amazon ​holds immense power in the e-commerce and technology industries, making it a dominant force with far-reaching influence in the business world. Amazon is often the blueprint for smaller corporations to follow regarding climate initiatives. “We have a commitment to net zero by 2040. That is 10 years ahead of the Paris agreement,” says Pickus. “We are the decision-makers, and we will be the ones who decide the stride that companies take and the pace that we're growing at.” 

Although this status can create pressure as an Amazon leader, Pickus is fueled by the challenge and reassurance that she is making an impact. She has always been interested in how corporations impact the world and felt she needed to go the corporate route to make a real change. “Amazon’s sustainability strategy and goals are aligned with my own values,” she says.

One of their most significant announcements at the event includes Amazon’s new partnership with C40 Cities to launch Laneshift, an initiative aimed at electrifying medium– and heavy-duty shipping, starting in India and Latin America. Later this year, Amazon will continue to show up and be a leader at COP28 and other smaller team conferences to expand these collaborations globally. 

Hurst and Sally Fouts, director of The Climate Pledge, were the Amazon employees to be styled by Tulerie founder and CEO Violet Gross and director of community Diana Giese for the Climate Pledge Summit. Hurst was seen in the La DoubleJ long-sleeved Swing Dress, and Fouts wore a Zimmermann dress, Christian Dior pumps, and a Celine bag. Pickus says she leverages Tulerie as much as possible and loved merging the two worlds of Amazon and clothing rental.

Pickus has personal standards and an interest in sustainable fashion. She even has a TikTok page, sustainablewynne, where she shares tips and tricks on sustainable and secondhand shopping. “Fashion is something I’ve been intrigued by my entire life,” she says. “I love my capsule wardrobe, but I also love to bring in fun pieces– Tulerie’s a great way to do it. It's financially smart and sustainable, making it worth it.” 

Tulerie is thankful to have had the opportunity to break the stigma of peer-to-peer lending at Climate Week and promote our values of a more circular economy. Pickus and the Amazon team are shaping future conversations about sustainability and progressing the movement. 

Pickus says sustainability is built on community, and she looks forward to continuing the partnership with Tulerie and making the most of our established community of changemakers. “It’s more than a partnership we’ve built,” Pickus says. “It’s a friendship between Amazon and Tulerie where we continue to support each other.”

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style.