Manhattanites! Reserve a piece from the Holiday Collection to be delivered same day* or the day you need it!

You can finally wear that sequin dress you love, without the commitment of owning it! 

To rent an item, browse the 'Virtual Shop' then simply put the item into your shopping cart.  Once it is in your cart, please add the date you need the item in the 'Add a Note' section, then check out as your normally would.  

Here are the details:
Please note that you will be charged the purchase price of the item.  Upon return of the item, and inspection that it is in the same condition your received it, you will be refunded the difference between the purchase price and the rental price, less $15 for dry cleaning.  (For example, if the purchase price is $1,000 and the rental price is $100, you will receive a refund for $885 after return and inspection, which will be processed same day.)
For same day deliveries, orders must be placed before noon and an additional delivery fee will be charged.