Staying TRUE To Your Beauty

Staying TRUE To Your Beauty

Having a completely eco-friendly approach in life has always been challenging. Still, with the rising climate crisis, it has become apparent that our individual choices as consumers have a significant impact. We have covered how you can make a positive impact through your fashion on Tulerie Talks, but one industry related to how we dress that needs our attention now more than ever is the beauty industry.

The beauty industry isn’t just exploring sustainability in makeup but pushing the conversation into skincare, fragrances, and haircare as sustainable and ethical practices are being sought out by every 9 in 10 consumers, according to Forbes data published in 2022.

Forbes further explored that data and concluded that “15% of shoppers now consider sustainability information more important than price, efficacy or the product description when buying a beauty product – and this figure rises to 18% for British shoppers.”

It wasn’t shocking to hear that this isn’t just a trend that will pass but will continue to increase awareness and growth as younger consumers ages 18-36 enter the market. These emerging consumers and the current shoppers who already value sustainability have put nature at the forefront of their values, specifically looking for vegan, coral reef safe, or organic products. However, as more information becomes available, climate change impact and treatment of workers are essential to purchase consideration amongst the community.

Vogue highlighted that Mia Davis, vice president of sustainability and impact at Credo Beauty, said, “I am grateful that sustainability has become a major focus for consumer products recently. Sustainability in beauty means that the work we do now–the resources we extract, the stuff we make–will not compromise people’s ability to do the same in the future.”

There are ways to love beauty while still upholding your standards in your sustainable lifestyle; thanks to Vogue, we found the steps to do that, along with some product recommendations to get you started.

The first step is to use up what you have. However, This doesn’t mean you should rush to discard all the old and plastic-heavy products you may own now and buy all new ones. Instead, you should use all your current products in your bathroom cabinets first and then make thoughtful decisions about your purchase.

However, if you currently own a makeup product that isn’t the right color or has an effect that can’t work for you, consider selling it or donating it to someone who can use it. When it comes time to purchase those new products, some you may consider due to their recycled packaging and vegan, carbon-neutral, and cruelty-free ingredients are the Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil, Uni The Starter Kit, and evolvetogether Tulum Natural Deodorant.

The second step to a more eco-friendly beauty routine is reducing consumption, but when purchasing, make sure it’s ethical products. Vogue’s main tip is to focus on the packaging by looking for easily recyclable, refillable, and reusable products. It is also essential to try and cut out plastic and find brands that explore alternatives such as aluminum, bamboo, and glass. Some of the best products for this step are Tarte’s Mini Maracuja Oil, Humanrace Skincare Ozone SPF30 Protection Kit, and N°1 De Chanel Revitalizing Cream.

The third step is to reuse and refill. “Any time we can reuse or refill, we should—that is the direction we all need to move in for consumer products,” said Davis, “When refill is designed thoughtfully, it cuts down on the amount of materials made or extracted from the start. Then multiply that for every use/purchase…”

Brands have started to implement that act of reusing with their packaging designs, but ultimately, it's up to the consumer to perform those reusable actions. This doesn’t have to stop at your product packaging but can also be applied to the rest of your bathroom, like using reusable makeup remover pads, stainless steel razors, bar soaps and shampoos, tooth tabs, and menstrual panties and cups. Some of the best reusable packaging and products on the market are Glow
Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer, Valde Beauty Soar Collection Storybook Set in Gold/Gold- Bespoke Lip Balm, and the SOSHE refillable mascara.

If you stop and think about the outfits you put on every day, where they came from, who made them, and if they are negative or positive on our environment, why not take that a step further and question what you put on your skin?

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style