Making Old New Again

The Museum at FIT launched their latest exhibition a few weeks ago titled "Fashion Unraveled". It is a beautiful celebration of deconstruction and repurposing.  We know you're as tired of the word 'repurpose' as we were of Despacito at this time last year, but this is not an exhibition trying to capitalize on the sustainable fashion movement.  This exhibit serves as a reminder that not too long ago, we relished that worn again and again (and again) look.  It's just a happy accident the theme of this show aligns well with the current conversation about consumerism in the area of fashion.  In creating Fashion Unraveled, what Colleen Hill, head curator, supports more than sustainability is the reconnection to what we're buying. Invest in clothes that mean something to you instead of the buy, try, dispose mentality brought to you by the fast fashion retailers. 

Hill features designers like Martin Margiela, one of the OG 'deconstructionists'. The Margiela Tabi boot, on display, was designed with the deliberateness of long-term wear and it distresses in such a way over time that keeps it looking current. Fashion Unraveled also represents designers like Mimi Prober who repurposes vintage clothing for new designs and Betsy Johnson who has a jumpsuit on display created from her ex-partners discarded rugby shirt. 

Another designer is Lamine Kouyate who uses his Malian heritage as a guidepost in how he designs.  He says "It's an African philosophy to use things up. You don't waste anything, but create new from old."  We're on the same page Lamine!  Check out Fashion Unraveled, open now through November.  Perhaps you'll be inspired to find new within the old in your own closet.