Does NYFW Have What It Takes To Become The Global Stage For Sustainability?

Does NYFW Have What It Takes To Become The Global Stage For Sustainability?

As Tommy Hilfiger said, “New York Fashion Week only comes twice a year; make it count.” This week has been filled with some of our favorite household names showcasing their new Spring/Summer 2023 collections that we have a feeling will soon be taking the Tulerie closet by storm. But today, I want to highlight some of the old and new designers using their creative platforms and this “global stage” to promote sustainability, making this year's fashion week even more hopeful for the future of style.

Steven Kolb, CEO of the CDFA, told TZR that “from upcycled to organic materials, locally to artisan made, one-of-a-kind pieces to environmentally conscious show production, intimate in-person presentations, and digital formats on Runway360, designers are threading impact into every step of their creative process.”

TZR offered a great round-up list of ten designers worth knowing about, and Tulerie Talks wants to celebrate and educate our community on three of our favorites.

First, let’s talk about all things, Collina Strada. Vogue said that Hillary Taymour, creative director, was in a fanciful mood this year. The opening lace-trimmed dress displayed the phrase “Got Milkweed?” also the collection's name, which was an environmental take on the “Got Milk?” 90s ads. Garments were made of deadstock fabrics, 3D denim printing, and even a collaboration with Virón, featuring shoes made from upcycled materials. The show was symbolic of a butterfly's life cycle, including the rebirth stage that pushes forth the brand's sustainability identity. Strada makes the Y2K core aesthetic even more fabulous with its devotion to social and environmental mindfulness.

Next, we have Rentrayage, which takes the deadstock fabric game to another level. Erin Beatty launched this brand in 2019, but it wasn’t until after the height of the pandemic that she was able to source the fabric firsthand and is starting to break down some of the barriers and challenges the fashion industry makes difficult for sustainable designers. Their “to mend: to make whole again” statement is loved by their customers, and they continue to excite fans with news of a soon to be collab with Madewell and a Spring/Summer 2023 collection that can be described as “stepping through the looking glass.”

Lastly, Gabriela Hearst has been hot on the Tulerie radar. This luxury brand is built on the principles of “timelessness, uncompromising quality, and sustainability.” The designer is devoted to making products with care and detail, where every piece coming out of each collection has meaningful direction and purpose. The brand has implemented not only sustainable fabrics but also a carbon-neutral fashion show, plastic-free packaging, and stores built with conscious consumer behavior in mind. There is a powerful sense and presence when wearing sustainable clothes, and this brand captures that raw and compelling essence.

As I mentioned, many more sustainable brands were showcased during New York Fashion Week worth watching and learning about. I can’t reiterate enough that sustainability is a work in progress that definitely has a lot more work needing to be done. Still, these luxury brands are starting a more exciting and conscious future for fashion.

If there is one thing these three brands are doing right, it is putting sustainability in the limelight and genuinely showing their customers how you can get the best of both worlds with their brand: style and sustainability.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style