Brand Focus: thredUp + Reformation

Brand Focus: thredUp + Reformation

We are learning together that the fashion industry has environmental drawbacks. We understand most of those drawbacks occur during the manufacturing stage but still damage is caused by the consumer — mainly because we are uninformed about the consequences of the throw away culture we’ve cultivated. A slowly turning ship.

Thankfully, with the advent of sexy e-comm resale sites, the stigma of shopping used clothing is almost shattered. Friends now brag about their ‘Real Real’ finds and how much money they made from thredUP. Needless to say, we are in full support of resale sites as we share a core mission regarding the fashion vs. the environment crisis — increasing clothing utilization.

So with that, we were excited to see two brands we love, resale site thredUp and sustainable fashion brand Reformation, partner to put muscle behind a brilliant circularity strategy.

The innovative program provides a new incentive for customers who send their unwanted garments to thredUp. Participants will receive a Reformation gift card equal to the value of the exchanged goods. You get to give that dress you’re tired of a new home while feeling good about purchasing it’s replacement (not that you have to at Reformation). This partnership is giving both the customer and the brand an avenue to participate in circularity. Although thredUP plans to add additional brands to this program, we can’t help but fan over the fact Reformation stepped up first.

According to thredUP, more than one-third of women wear an item less than five times before tossing it — not surprising to us at all. It’s facts like this that catapulted the concept of Tulerie. ThredUp’s analytics further proved that buying a used clothing item reduces its environmental impact by 73%, simply due to extending its useful life. One point for clothing utilization, and 2 points for both thredUp and Reformation for creating another platform to do so.