Brand Focus: For Days

We are here to tell you about a new brand, For Days, that just launched TODAY! Sadly, we are already on the waitlist, but we're hoping it's like when the hostess at Sadelle's tells you its an hour and a half wait and then calls you 30 minutes later.  Fingers crossed because WE WANT IN. For Days was launched by Kristy Caylor, recently of the ethical yet extremely stylish label Maiyet. She's taking her passion for sustainable and ethical solutions to one of the most iconic and widely used articles of clothing, the tee.  I know, ANOTHER t-shirt line. But this one is a subscription model. I know, ANOTHER subscription model. But it's so much more. For Days is the fashion industry's first-ever "closed-loop system." This is huge for the movement to sustainable and ethical practices in fashion.  For Days is revolutionary.

So what does "closed-loop" even mean? Technically, it's a system that does not exchange matter with the outside world. Open-loop (how we function today) means that a material is not recycled indefinitely and eventually becomes waste. Simply put, this t-shirt can be used over and over again and once returned is upcycled into a new tee.  It's a beautiful thing.

So this is how it works (from what we can tell on the website because like we said, we're impatiently waiting to be called):

Go to the user friendly site to add tees to your virtual drawer from a selection of colors and styles. You will have the option of ordering 3, 6, or 10 at a time which can be constantly rotated at your discretion. Next step, live in them. Don't cry over the coffee that SOMEHOW manages to find it's way to the dead center of your white tee as you're walking into work. Just go into your "drawer" and request a fresh one at anytime. All plans come with unlimited exchanges and your plan can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. After receiving a replacement tee, send that coffee stained one back in the same bag, using the prepaid shipping label.  From there For Days will break it down and make it into another shirt! Repeat when you get wine on the next one. 

According to Vogue, Caylor sees For Days as "liberating ourselves from the burden of ownership" - because even if you wear your t-shirt every day, you're really just borrowing it until you're ready to send it back.  We may be biased, but we're particularly big fans of borrowing!

You can get started now by signing up at If you're not a t-shirt person (hmm, what's that like?) they plan to add non-tee styles. Regardless, you should let the concept of a closed loop system inspire you to find ways to reduce waste in your own life.