Bottega Veneta: The Designs Made to Last Forever

Bottega Veneta: The Designs Made to Last Forever

Luxury handbags are investments. This involves thoughtful consideration of what bag will stand the test of time and wear in your closet. Bottega Veneta is a designer that immediately comes to mind when thinking of timeless handbags. Their craftsmanship is top-tier, and their handbags are often heirlooms passed on to future generations.

Bottega was founded in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, and the basket weaving technique was used to make their famous leather handbags. A storefront opened in Manhattan later in the 70s, grabbing attention from Andy Warhol, Lauren Hutton, and other New York City elites.

Their “When your own initials are enough” slogan hit the luxury industry, and their brand ethos of classic and timeless designs instead of “monogram canvas fabrications and logomania” became established.

But, it wasn’t until June 2018, when new creative director Daniel Lee took over, that the brand started releasing the go-to handbags everyone was itching to get their hands on. It’s impressive to see the impact bags like the Cassette and Mini Jodie have had without using a Bottega logo.

We have read a couple of articles on the Certificate of Craft program Bottega plans to roll out this November. Highsnobiety said this is “a new service that “offers unlimited refresh and repair” for any Bottega Veneta handbag.”

“We count days, not hours, to make our products. They are designed to last forever,” said Leo Rongone, Bottega Veneta CEO. Through this new program, their clients can preserve and repair their handbags, allowing for a longer lifespan and reducing the need to replace the bag, building on their brand ethos of timeless fashion.

Seeing the open transparency with their commitment to good quality and craftsmanship is exciting. This will be a positive step for the luxury industry in recognizing the efforts rooted in sustainability needed to ensure their products are made to last a lifetime.

As peer-to-peer lenders on the Tulerie app, this is a fantastic service to have access to. Bags can start to show wear after several uses in one closet, let alone shared amongst several closets. Our Bottega bag lenders now have the chance to keep these bags as a Tulerie Closet staple for even longer.

Harper’s Bazaar Australia said that the service will begin on November 1, 2022, and will be “presented in the form of a physical card associating with the serial number of a singular product.” The program will start with its most iconic bags, and Bottega will slowly introduce new eligible styles.

If you have been considering investing in a new handbag, Bottega may have just won you over as the brand that will guarantee their products as lifelong companions.

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