Balmain X evian: Fashion The Way Nature Intended

Balmain X evian: Fashion The Way Nature Intended

Balmain, the French luxury fashion house under the creative direction of fashion designer ​​Olivier Rousteing had one iconic Paris Fashion Week performance. They not only had their S/S 2023 runway show end with Cher walking the stage but also hosted their Balmain Festival on September 28th, which debuted their gown made from plastic bottle waste in partnership with evian, another iconic French brand.

Balmain has been known for having prominent and successful collaborations with Barbie and Pokéman, so seeing evian's partnership now include a sustainability approach is even more exciting for the industry.

The collaboration includes a gown created by Rousteing, and “46% of the fabric relies directly upon recycled plastics, meaning it easily meets the exacting standards of the GRS4.0, which requires at least 20% of a product be created from recycled materials,” said Forbes Magazine.

The gown was inspired by the “magnetic pathway of a whirlpool” with a modern and couture twist. French influencer and social media star Léna Mahfouf of Lena Situations wore the white gown that resembled a wave's purity at the Balmain Festival. The gown made a powerful statement to the luxury and sustainability community.

“Our evian x Balmain gown is a shining example of something striking and unique that can be achieved at the intersection of innovation, design, and sustainability, which we hope will inspire many,” said Dawid Borowiec, the global director of evian.

It is awe-inspiring to see a garment made from recycled plastic water bottles that still finds a way to push the limits with volumes and silhouettes—the perfect combination in fashion is Haute Couture, that is innovative, wearable, and sustainable. Evian even said that the dress could be repurposed into a new water bottle as a part of the circular journey.

Similar to former partnerships evian has done with fashion houses, they also created a limited edition glass bottle with an “ice blue lace-like motif recalling water droplets and the ornate Baroque details synonymous with the house of Balmain that are inspired by the architecture of Paris.” This bottle drops this October.

Rousteing is passionate about having an inclusive runway that displays not only the beauty of fashion but the beauty of our world. Balmain speaks the truth when they say, “As we all know, the fashion industry needs to honestly face past shortcomings and finally admit that we can no longer postpone long-delayed changes.”

Sustainability is a part of innovation, and there was no doubt that Balmain was innovative for Paris Fashion Week. We can only expect using recycled plastic water bottles to become a sustainability initiative amongst other luxury brands.

“I love this idea of bringing evian into this couture world and making that wave of water,” said Rousteing for WWD.

Balmain, amongst other designer brands, knows that sustainability isn’t easy. This collaboration is even more remarkable because Rousteing took the extra step to work with experts such as evian, who can help the fashion industry explore new technological and sustainable advancements.

For a brand to become 100% sustainable is a long journey. But, it is through these partnerships and collaborations of the industries working together that will leave a valuable impact. We want to see our favorite designers like Rousteing inspired and driven to keep learning and maintaining an eco-friendly brand.

Balmain has made it crystal clear that they are devoted to sustainability and being a part of a fashionable future where our environment isn't overlooked.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style