A Sustainable Green Carpet Affair

A Sustainable Green Carpet Affair

Celebrities graced the eye-catching green carpet at the 2022 Earthshot Prize Awards at the MGM Music Hall in Boston on Dec. 2, not only in celebration of the five prize winners but also to make a bold fashion statement of sustainable evening wear.

Prince William created the annual awards to fund environmental projects that aim to save the planet and award five active environmentalists with $1.2 million to continue their work in sustainability. Prince Willaim announced the winners at the ceremony, Mukuru Clean Stoves, Kheyti, Indigenous Women of the Great Barrier Reef, Notpla, and 44.01. He walked the carpet with the Princess of Wales and fashion royalty Kate Middleton.

Kate decided to hop on the clothing rental trend and make her sustainable fashion statement in a borrowed dress from HURR rental platform. She wore an elegant Solace London lime green gown paired with a diamond and emerald choker from the collection of Diana, Princess of Wales, with matching earrings and silver heels.

HURR is a London-based rental platform that creates a community of like-minded renters and lenders working towards a smarter fashion solution. The dress is available to rent on the website from $91 to $238.

WWD said in the article, “Rich Consumers Should Stop Buying So Many Clothes, Says Report,” “without urgent action from government, industry and consumers, it says that fashion could account for “up to a quarter” of the global carbon budget by 2050.”

Fashion's impact on the environment is more significant in wealthier countries such as the U.K. The richest consumers “should only buy an average of five new fashion garments per year by 2030 to keep the 1.5-degrees Celsius climate target alive,” said Samatha Conti in the WWD article.

Seeing one of the wealthiest London elites rent her gown instead of purchasing something new is an excellent message to consumers worldwide to be mindful of when and how they are consuming.

Rami Malek, Daniel Dae Kim, Chloe x Halle, Clara Amfo, and Ellie Goulding were also in attendance with their sustainable outfits. Chloe x Halle, sisters who have been vegan for 11 years, said they wanted to “represent the Earth, the water and the greenery and the land” while showing who they are as individuals. The dresses were ones already in their wardrobes that they decided to rewear. Amfo, a presenter for the ceremony, wore a Vivienne Westwood dress she has owned for years and paired it with jewels from Anabela Chan, a sustainable designer who
produces lab-grown gemstones.

The prince said, “In this critical decade, I invite you all to be optimistic, to support the game-changers, and to believe in the power of human ingenuity.”

Prince William has made it clear that he is an environmental optimist and was excited to be back in the U.S. to share this hope amongst others and honor his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II who was “one of life’s optimists.” They are looking “to save the future of the planet,” and recognizing sustainably sourced fashion as a part of that future makes this green carpet worth remembering.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style