A Night of Refreshing Your Wardrobe with Tulerie’s First Listing Party

A Night of Refreshing Your Wardrobe with Tulerie’s First Listing Party

One look at the Tulerie app and it’s hard to imagine that the curated closet with pages and pages of the newest seasonal collections, up-and-coming contemporary designers, and most coveted luxury fashion is actually built by a community of closet sharers. Yes, that’s right, we haven’t created a new product. Instead, we are reenergizing what friends and sisters have been doing with fashion their entire lives by connecting all of you who share a common goal of
expanding your wardrobes in a way that is friendly for both the environment and your wallets.

To help redefine what is “new” in fashion and share more awareness to the world of buy less, borrow more, Tulerie hosted a spring Listing Party on May 9, 2023, in New York City hosted by our founder Violet Gross and founder of Something Borrowed Never New, Hilliary Salamanca.

Gross and Salamanca, both businesswomen who lead with a green rule of thumb and active lenders and borrowers, were inspired to reach a new audience of those just starting their sustainability journey. Joining any new community can be challenging, and just like your friends and sisters who you already let borrow your clothes, you have to earn their trust. The Listing Party offered the opportunity for our members to meet each other and talk fashion with a side of wine and macaroons while working together to break the stigma of sharing your clothes and

“We believe listing parties will help bring our community closer together. It will also show newcomers and potential members (those still on the fence about joining) that borrowing on our platform isn't as weird as they may have thought,” says Gross. “Once they meet each other and start chatting, the idea of borrowing from that person you just met 10 minutes ago feels so natural.”

New York City’s most stylish and desired wardrobes were invited to bring five to 10 pieces of advanced contemporary or luxury items they were happy to lend to start making their cash and connections. That’s the cherry on top with Tulerie; lending your clothes earns you money, and with the help of a great photo, detailed description, strategic pricing, and seasonal uploads, your lent wardrobe can make you more than the original retail values of your items.

Gross says it's always interesting to hear why people use Tulerie. Some of the reasons amongst the partygoers on May 9 were no space for new items, wanting to save money, earning money, feeling guilty about past purchases, creating less waste, and trying new styles.

Tulerie experts met with the attendees at the party to assist in photographing and crafting the perfect listing for their items. “Meeting the community is always our priority and doing it in such a personal setting really made the night special,” says Gross.

Although the listing process on the app is simple and easy, the party made it even easier. Attendees were encouraged to download the app and create a profile before they arrived so that by the time they left, they were on their way to receiving the best messages in an inbox, a rental request.

“The Listing Party made getting started on Tulerie completely effortless. I loved the intimacy of the event, which not only built trust and allowed for questions but also let us browse some of the most gorgeous items available for rental,” says Livvy McNaughten, an attendee.

That’s right, even a selection of favorite items in the closet made their way to the party for our new lenders to see firsthand that your investment pieces are valued by our community, and through the act of closet sharing, you will be expanding the life of your garment and allowing it to be worn to its full potential.

“I loved the opportunity to see all the chic items being listed on Tulerie. Most importantly, connecting with other listers was definitely the highlight of my night,” says Wayne Pickus, an attendee.

As a community, we would like to thank all those who attended our Listing Party and gave us hope yet again for the future of fashion. Our closet sharers continue to show that one doesn’t have to sacrifice their love for fashion and style to be more sustainable. To our friends in New York City, thank you again for the eye-opening conversations, and to our friends in other cities around the country, we hope to bring a Listing Party to you in the future. In the meantime, keep sharing the mission of Tulerie’s luxury fashion and sustainable community.

-As always, elevate your wardrobe with respected fashion and embrace the shift in style