10 Sustainable Looks That Bloomed on the Met Gala Carpet

10 Sustainable Looks That Bloomed on the Met Gala Carpet

The Met Gala’s theme, “Garden of Time,” blossomed on the green carpet with an abundance of flowers, butterflies, and nods to nature. This thematic choice served as an ideal platform for designers to amplify their voices regarding fashion’s environmental impact. While the turnout for sustainable looks fell short of expectations, notable looks of archival pieces, recycled material gowns, and lab-grown diamonds deserve recognition on the biggest night in fashion.

Whether you love them or hate them, these ten looks epitomize innovation, seamlessly blending style with sustainability. Below, explore the Met Gala carpet ensemble, which we applaud for its eco-conscious designs and executions.


1. Zendaya 


As co-chair for the evening, Zendaya captivated the carpet viewers with not just one but two striking looks on the Met Gala carpet, each bringing drama and flair. Her second look features an archival gown from Maison Margiela by John Galliano. Renowned for reimagining archival looks on the carpet and during press tours, Zendaya demonstrates her mastery in breathing new life into these iconic pieces.



2. Alia Bhatt


British actress Alia Bhatt had a rewear moment on the Met Gala carpet with a handmade sari by Sabyasachi, a look she wore to her wedding. Notably, this sari is made from uncut fabric, allowing it to be draped to fit any body at any time. This extension of its lifecycle significantly enhances its versatility, earning our recognition for timeless elegance.



3. Charli XCX


The Marni gown came straight from the archives to the carpet with a Charli XCX punk-inspired twist. The dress was patchworked together with vintage t-shirts, serving as a nod to Francesco Risso’s visible mending signature. She owned the spotlight by reviving the classic white tee with a contemporary twist.


4. Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried’s silver hair garnered attention, but her dress is equally noteworthy. It was crafted from repurposed satin fabric from Prada’s Spring 2009 collection. Seyfried highlighted the need to celebrate something good amongst the chaotic global events, so she opted for a sustainability-focused gown at this widely publicized event. 


5. Demi Moore

The actress wore a velvet gown Harris Reed created, drawing inspiration from Look 8 in Reed's Fall 2024 collection. In line with the theme, the velvet dress included a double duchess silk panel embellished with large pink peonies crafted from entirely upcycled wallpaper. On the Vogue livestream, Reed said, “We repurposed it. It’s all 11,000 hours of silk embroidery, and then we repurposed it into this Victorian idea of her blooming on the carpet and covered in these thorns… this gorgeous flower in the perfect moment of bloom.”


Sustainable Designers

6. Maleah Joi Moon


Tony Nominee Maleah Joi Moon wore Collina Strada at the Met Gala. The attire is part of the designer’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection titled “Got Milkweed?” and is showcased in the museum exhibition. The dress beautifully embodies the theme with abundant florals, showcasing a blend of creativity and sustainability in its design.


7. Maria Sharapova

Among the array of looks gracing the Met Gala carpet this year, Prabal Gurung stood out with a select few, notably catching our eye with tennis player Maria Sharapova. Gurung collaborated with luxury bedding brand Boll & Branch to craft a gown made from organic cotton sourced ethically from family-owned farms in India.


Lab Grown Diamonds 

8-10. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney took the crown with four sustainable looks on the carpet. This year, she dressed FKA Twigs, Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn, and Cara Delevingne in looks featuring sustainable lab grown diamonds. McCartney’s statement that “We’re bringing sustainability, we’re bringing innovation” wasn’t just talk; she fully delivered. Consistently staying true to her brand ethos, McCartney initiates meaningful conversations without hesitation, and her commitment to sustainability is commendable.